The Women’s Major Pennant team have defeated Stonecutters Ridge in Round 2 of the relegation match. The overall match result across both legs saw The Lakes win 7 1/2 – 2 1/2.

The final of the home and away series was played at Stonecutters Ridge today after the ‘semi-definitive’ home match at The Lakes last Sunday.

Amongst some angst about the unusual 2020 relegation situation and some confusion on the Stonecutters team about how many games needed to be won to secure a decision, The Lakes girls bypassed any discussion about matches needed by simply winning the away game 3 matches to 2 !!!

The Lakes team was prepped to play in the same order as the previous week, with Lucia Haigh stepping in for an unavailable Taylah Ellems in the number 2 spot. (Taylah was busy prepping for a Surprise 50th for her committed caddy + Dad, Colin. Happy Birthday Colin!)

In an effort to win the home game, Stonecutters mixed up their lineup with their No 1 playing in the second position, against Lucia Haigh. Their number 2 played at number 5 against Karen Lasky, their 3 played 4th against Irene Kaloudis, their 4th played 3 against Selena Bosevsky and their 5th played 1 agianst Rebecca Zhao.


Our No 1 Rebecca Zhao defeated her opponent 5 & 4.

Our No 2 Lucia Haigh was defeated by their No 1, losing 4 & 3.

Selena Bosevski at No 3 won her match 4/2.

Irene Kaloudis at No 4 won her match 3 & 2.

No 5 Karen Lasky lost by a slim margin of 2 & 1.

Congratulations to all the team including team member Bree Purse, caddies Colin Ellems, James Kaloudis, Tony Moody, Karolina Bosevski  and Daniel Zhao. Team Manager Louise Murray and Women’s Captain Kim Preston both provided valuable moral support and pearls of wisdom where needed.

The team put in a lot of time and hard work across all 23 training sessions with Teaching Professional Charles Kares and it certainly paid off. The team spirit was strong which lead to this fantastic performance in the home and away relegation match and the entire 2021 season.

It was a season that helped build experience for the young team members and the future of the Women’s Major Pennant Team looks very exciting. It was great to see our young guns shine and combine well with Lucia and Karen who lead the way with strength and experience.

The 2021 squad for the season included:

Selena Bosevski, Taylah Ellems, Lucia Haigh, Irene Kaloudis, Karen Lasky, Bree Purse, and Rebecca Zhao.

The last note to the story is  ‘ The Lakes stays in Division 1 – just where we belong’.