Inside the Studio

Our state-of-the-art teaching facility provides golfers with the latest technology, and combined with the expert knowledge of our PGA qualified instructors students are offered a world-class lesson experience.

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Our Philosophy

Most golf academy’s have a single method or style that all of the instructors use. At The Lakes Golf Academy we believe that there is no one way to play the game, or one size fits all solution to the golf swing!

We have instructors that offer a different technical approach to the game, while still offering the same holistic approach to player development.

We create a welcoming, relaxed, friendly, vibrant, educational and motivating environment for our students to enjoy and be a part of, and encourage student’s to explore what both instructors have to offer.

State-of-the-art Technology

Full Swing Analysis

Our all weather teaching facility has two identical hitting bays where students hit from indoors out onto the 270m practice fairway.

Our instructors utilize the latest technology in helping them analyse and diagnose the student’s swing. Technology featured inside the studios includes:

  • Trackman 4 radar to assess ball flight, swing path, angle of attack, club speed, face angle, and spin rates.
  • K-Vest to assess bio-dynamic movement of the body.
  • Focus Band for learning how to quieten the mind.
  • High speed cameras and V1 swing analysis software.

The Putting Studio

The old saying of “drive for show and putt for dough” couldn’t be more true in the game of golf!

Our indoor putting studio features a SAM Puttlab that is set up with stations for both the left and right-handed golfer. SAM Puttlab is the complete putting solution, providing cutting-edge technology to help the coach understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses with the putter.

SAM PuttLab analyzes more than 40 important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Within seconds the system gives you an individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies.

Custom Club Fitting

Just like there is no one size fits all solution to the golf swing, there is no one piece of equipment for all golfers. We all have our own body type and swing pattern that creates different demands from our equipment, whether it be flex of shaft, length, or lie angle.

At The Lakes Golf Academy our instructors have the technology at their disposal to enable them to custom fit the perfect set of golf clubs for your golf swing. By combining the use of Trackman with their array of fitting heads and shafts, they will be able to optimize the performance of your equipment.

Correctly fitted clubs will enable you to hit it further, straighter, and more consistently. At The Lakes Golf Academy we specialize in fitting for Titleist, Mizuno, and Ping equipment.

Player Development at The Academy

We have a range of tuition options to suit your needs, whether it be private lessons in our facility, on course, or in groups.

Private Tuition

Private lessons are the fastest way to improve your game with regular one-on-one contact with your professional. Lessons are available on all aspects of the game, whether it be the full-swing, short-game, or putting.

Our lesson packages are flexible and can be custom built to suit your goals and time allocation. All lessons include unlimited golf balls during the lesson, the use of video analysis, and any written material.

At the completion of your lesson the instructor will send you a follow up video of the key components of your lesson, so you are able to work on what you covered during the lesson at your next practice session.

On Course Instruction

For anyone who hits it great on the range and scores poorly on the golf course, an on-course lesson is for you.

During an on-course lesson the instructor will move away from the technique of the swing, and focus on how to play the game. They will teach the player about course strategy, the mental approach to the game, visualising and executing different shots, and club selection.

If you want to take shots off your handicap then an on-course session will truly elevate your game, as the instructors will teach you how to think like a pro!

Club & Putter Fitting

Golf is a game of inches, and sometimes all we need is a slight adjustment to our equipment to get our game firing.

An incorrect lie angle by just one degree over 150 metres can be the difference between hitting the green, and landing in a deep greenside bunker. With your putter, it can mean the difference between lipping in to save Par or lipping out for that frustrating Bogey.

At The Lakes Golf Academy our instructors can fine tune your equipment with our iron and putter lie/loft machines, saving strokes off your score.

Group Clinics

Whether you are looking for a unique and fun team-building exercise, or just want to get together with a few of your friends for some fresh-air and sunshine, a group lesson is the way to go!

Our instructors have given hundreds of hours of lessons to groups of juniors, women, corporate clients, and elite pennant teams, and will be able to tailor the session to whatever goal you have in mind.

The expansive practice precinct can cater for large or small groups, and we are able to supply all of the equipment necessary to conduct the session.

Junior Program

The motivation for Golf Academy’s Junior Golf Program is to provide children of all ages and abilities with a place to learn and continue to grow and improve as a golfer in a fun environment, whilst enjoying the amazing facilities we have at The Lakes.

The program will cover all aspects of the game including the golf course. Kids within the Junior Academy will be assessed and placed within a developmental level by the instructors. We have created a progression pathway for the children, which will outline their starting point and how they can improve, achieving milestones along the way.

The goal is to develop them to being able to play the specially set-up 4 hole course followed by the 9 hole planned competition. Whilst some are ready for this now, others are still too young. Either way, we have a program to suit all ages and requirements

Ladies Development Program

The Ladies Development Program was first introduced in 2015, and has helped introduce many new female golfers to the game. With the program now entering the fourth year, there have been 20 ladies that have gone on to join the Club!

Each year the Development Program commences with a series of three complimentary clinics in March. Following the complimentary clinics, registrations open up for the 7 Month Development Program which commences in May.

Over the course of the program, the ladies receive tuition on every aspect of the game including putting, chipping, pitching, the full swing, rules, and etiquette. The focus is on fun and building confidence, and by the end of the program the ladies who participate have 10 great friends to go golfing with!