Hole 14 Information

The shot from the 14th tee has not altered. There is still a significant advantage to be gained by driving left and close to the water. The ground near the lake affords the player a level stance – as opposed to the down-slope players who drive to the right will find – and the shot to the green is much shorter. The new green comes all the way to the water and it is the biggest and wildest green on the course. The huge green will mean golfers will have to play significantly different shots to get to the different sections of the green. Hitting the green in two shots will, however, be no guarantee of making a birdie.

* This famous par five is a hole where five ought to be the goal for most. It is really a par four and it is obvious where not to miss the fairway. A good drive is an advantage here – and you can still make six if you drive into the water. Take a driver off the tee to get as far down as possible and then play further along with a sensible second. Do not look at the position of the pin and always play to the middle of the green with the third – or fourth – shot.

Hole Stats

Par: 5

Index: 9/21




Par: 5

Index: 7/19/37


Hole 14