Hole 17 Information

The green now sits to favour an approach from the far left side of the fairway – and reward the player who has taken the risk. Those who drive left will still face a fearsome looking shot all the way across the water if they hope to leave themselves two putts for a birdie. Those driving right play from an entirely unfavourable angle and the bunker short of the green will leave golfers the most difficult of sand shots. Hitting the green from the right third of the fairway will take a shot of extraordinary quality.

Players will have to decide for themselves how best to tackle this hole but generally the closer to the water you can play the easier the following shot will be.

* The 17th is no simple matter because of the forced carry. A solid tee shot is essential to set up the all-important second shot. A fairway wood will suffice but there is plenty of room for the driver and a good drive will make the second that much easier. Obviously the water all the way down the left is to be avoided.

Hole Stats

Par: 5

Index: 13/25




Par: 4

Index: 13/29


Hole 17