Hole 8 Information

Do you play short of the cross-bunkers or attempt the carry? That decision will always be dependent on the wind, the length of the carry and perhaps even where the pin is located. With the pin in the front it may not be as critical to shorten the third shot but a shot from short of the bunkers to a back left pin will not be easy. This has always been a fine and under-rated hole. It looks different now and the green is more interesting, but strategy created by the cross-bunkers is still the dominant part of the play of the hole.

* At some point in the middle of the handicap range par fives go from being the easiest holes to par to the hardest. They can stretch out interminably for shorter hitters. The drive is wide open on the left – but the water on the right is a nagging presence. If it worries you, take a fairway wood – that club should be easier to hit left. The cross-bunkers dictate the strategy here. If you can’t carry them, do not take a club that will reach them – they are to be avoided at all costs.

Hole Stats

Par: 5

Index: 14/28




Par: 5

Index: 9/26/41


Hole 8