Hole 1 Information

Playing Tip

Players have to choose which part of the diagonal line of the lake they are going to attempt to carry – obviously the longer and more dangerous the carry the shorter the approach. In many ways the shot from the bottom tee is also easier than the drive from higher up the hill. Rather than driving down a narrow strip of fairway with water on the left and the dune on the right, as players did from the high tee, they now hit to a wide expanse of fairway.

* The only way not to reach this hole in three is to drive into the water or the dune or dump an approach into the lake. Take an iron or a fairway wood off the tee and hit to the wide part of the fairway, then play an approach short and right of the green. From there the pitch is not difficult.

Hole Stats

Par: 4

Index: 3/24




Par: 4

Index: 1/22/38


Hole 1