Hole 6 Information

The 6th has always been one of the finest holes of its length in the country. Uphill from the tee, the player has a choice – playing straight up the fairway or taking on some of the diagonal carry across the hazard down the left hand edge of the fairway. The most dangerous second shots are the ones over the right hand greenside bunker to the tiny section of green at the far right and the one to the back left pin where the danger is going long and down the steep slope behind.

* Another hole any player can reach with three sensible shots. Avoid the left hazard from the tee but play the second shot short and left of the green. The right bunker is no place to miss the green and do not be tempted by the pitch over it if the pin is behind the bunker.

Hole Stats

Par: 4

Index: 10/31




Par: 4

Index: 4/25/42


Hole 6