Hole 5 Information

The position of the pin will dictate the ideal tee shot strategy. The green has two wings – one stretching far to the right and the other running back into the left corner of the green. The ideal tee shot when the pin is in the back right corner is down the left and when it is back in the left corner a drive over by the fairway bunker will open up the easiest line into the flag.

* The hole is easily reached with a pair of middle irons and a wedge. If you had to make a five to save your house this is how to play the hole. Pay attention to the position of the pin when choosing the best place to play the second shot. The rule will be the same for many holes – pin right, play left, pin left play right.

Hole Stats

Par: 4

Index: 8/29




Par: 4

Index: 5/27/45


Hole 5