Hole 4 Information

This hole is organized almost exactly the same as the famous 11th hole at Royal Adelaide. The shot to the waste is a little shorter at The Lakes but the carry from the edge to the safety of the other side is almost identical, as is the distance between the end of the waste and the front of the green. No doubt it will cause some controversy, although the waste ground at Royal Adelaide is more penal in nature than here at the 4th hole. The broken sandy ground across the fairway was constructed, in part, to take the driver away as an option for the longer hitters; that will help alleviate the problem with tee shots flying across the boundary fence.

The green is small and runs from back to front which demands the pitch be well-struck or the ball will run all the way down the slope to the back of the green.

* This is a tricky hole to make five if you don’t hit a good tee shot. If you are far back, do you take on the carry and reach the safety of the other side of the waste or do you play another shot short of the waste and play from there? The decision you make is the same decision Tiger Woods has to make at the 15th at Augusta when he has a carry right on the limit of his abilities. This is one case when you need to know the distance of the carry – and how far you can carry the ball with a reasonably hit shot.

Hole Stats

Par: 4

Index: 11/30




Par: 4

Index: 8/24/44


Hole 4