Hole 3 Information

This is a hole that is right on the borderline of par. From the very back tee it is certainly a three-shot hole for all but the longest hitters if it is into the wind. For those playing the hole in three shots the ideal line for the pitch, especially when it is in the right half of the green, is from over by the left hand bunker 30 or so metres short of the green. A curiosity of The Lakes is that the course has very few long par fours – although members will well understand how long holes like the 2nd, 3rd, 12th and 16th can play into a strong wind.

This hole would have qualified easily as a par five a few decades ago but we though it was best called a par four even though for most it could well be a par five.

* Play this hole as a par five – and it is a hole not beyond the capabilities of any bogey golfer to make a five. The green is orientated to favour an approach from the left – unless the pin is far to the left – and to open up the third shot you should play the long second shot as far to the left as possible. If you can reach the short left bunker – but not the green – take a middle iron and play short of the bunker. There is enough room to take a driver from this tee and length is important here.

Hole Stats

Par: 4

Index: 1/20




Par: 5

Index: 10/30


Hole 3